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Industrial Dust Control & Elimination Equipment for Manufacturing Processes


Many different types of industrial processes produce dangerous levels of industrial dust that can present a health hazard for employees and potentially damage equipment. Combustible dust is a particularly dangerous hazard that can cause serious injury to employees or even death if an explosion occurs. To help avoid the risks associated with industrial dust, facilities can install top-of-the-line Donaldson Torit dust control and elimination equipment that can improve equipment longevity and keep employees safer.

There are several types of Donaldson Torit machines available for industrial dust control and elimination.

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit manufactures multiple types of cartridge dust collectors, including the Downflo Evolution (DFE) and Downflo Oval (DFO).

DFE cartridge collectors use 40% fewer filters than the average cartridge collector, resulting in reduced filter replacement costs and taking up less space in manufacturing floors. The unit's Max Pulse cleaning system includes an innovative inlet air management system, the use of 27% more cleaning energy, and Ultra Web Merv 15 triangular filters.

DFO cartridge collectors, on the other hand, include ExtraLife filter cleaning technology, Ultra Web filtration, and innovative cabin design for optimal dust collection. The units' oval filter increases filter longevity and efficiency. These cartridge collectors are available in a variety of sizes to meet space requirements.

Other types of cartridge dust collectors include Downflow workstations, Downdraft benches, Vibra Shake dust collectors, Bin Vent dust collectors, and TD dust collectors. Each includes different features and size options to meet facility needs.

Bag Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit's innovative bag dust collectors use state-of-the-art technology to remove many types of industrial dust, with various models available.

One type of bag collector is the cabinet collector, which comes with features such as quick access dust drawers and a manually operated filter shaker. Another commonly used type of bag collector is the cyclone bag collector, which uses centrifugal force to eliminate high volumes of dust. Dalamatic bag collectors, Modular baghouses, RF baghouses, and Unimasterbag collectors are also used in a wide variety of applications, each with different functionalities and features.

Eliminating Mist and Fumes

Industrial dust isn't the only potentially dangerous byproduct produced during manufacturing processes; mist and fumes can also harm employees and damage equipment in many cases. Donaldson Torit manufactures equipment to reduce these hazards, with a selection of fume and mist collectors.

Welding processes often produce fumes that are unhealthy to inhale and can wear down machinery following periods of heavy exposure. Donaldson Torit's selection of Easy Trunk, Porta Trunk, Weld Bench, and other fume collectors can eliminate weld fumes to make work areas more breathable.

Other types of applications can produce coolant and machining oil mist that can cause health issues and damage machinery. Donaldson Torit units such as Centrifugal, DryFlo, MDV, Mini-Mist, and WSO mist collectors can significantly reduce levels of industrial mist, eliminating submicronic contaminants in a wide variety of facilities.

Make Your Facility Safer and Cleaner

Using one or more Donaldson Toritindustrial dust collectors in your facility can greatly improve employee safety and protect equipment from damage. You can benefit from long-term lower maintenance costs and improved productivity with this equipment implemented in manufacturing processes.

To find the right industrial dust, mist or fume collector for your application, contact Pollution Control Systems to get started.

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