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Hazards of Woodworking & How to Remove Wood Dust


Dangers of Woodworking and How to Avoid Them

Woodworking can present many different dangers through harmful wood dust that's produced in many facilities. They could start fires through combustion or injure employees through inhalation over long periods of time. The hazards of wood dust make it necessary to remove as much of it as possible from the work environment.

Here are some of the specific hazards of woodworking and the wood dust collection solutions you can implement to eliminate them from the workplace.

Health Damage from Woodworking Dust Inhalation

Exposure to wood dust has been attributed to many types of health problems, including mucosal and non-allergic respiratory issues, along with cancer. Contact with irritating wood dust can cause severe allergic reactions as workers become sensitized, including dermatitis and asthma. Other common symptoms include eye and skin irritation, nasal obstruction and dryness, and prolonged colds. Allergic reactions are more likely to occur if a worker is exposed to dust over long periods of time or in small concentrations. Workers who suffer from health issues can pursue workers' compensation lawsuits if proper protective measures aren't in place.

Wood Dust Combustion Risks

Wood dust can also present a fire hazard in the workplace if it is ignited. When combusted, wood dust can explode, which can severely injure nearby workers and cause costly damage to equipment. In some cases, an explosion may even be fatal. A single stray spark could cause a dust explosion, resulting in potential lawsuits and irreparable damage to expensive machinery, which is why you need to take steps to eliminate this hazard.

Equipment Wear

Over time, wood dust can cause wear to machinery as it coats mechanical parts, and it can potentially cause jams. It isn't easy to spot all of the areas of a machine that are coated with dust, but you can easily avoid this complication by making sure your facility is clear of dust with a system of wood dust collectors.

Install Dust Collectors

The best way to minimize the amount of industrial wood dust in any workspace is to use a system of efficient dust collecting equipment. Dust collectors can clear nearly any area of dust, keeping workers and nearby machinery safe from the damage that wood dust can cause. Wood dust collectors are available to effectively remove dust from most types of facilities while meeting space requirements.

Donaldson Torit is a leading manufacturer of dust collection equipment, with a variety of cyclones and baghouse dust collectors to keep work areas clean and protect employees and equipment. Pollution Control Systems carries many types of Donaldson Torit equipment for various applications, including wood dust collection. In addition to baghouses and cyclones, we also carry a wide variety of other Donaldson Torit equipment such as vent collectors, DFO and DFE cartridge collectors, cabinet collectors, downflow workstations, downdraft benches, mist collectors, fume collectors, and many others.

If you would like to install a complete system of efficient wood dust collectors in your woodworking facility to eliminate wood dust, contact Pollution Control Systems to speak with an expert about a customized system today.

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