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Image of a Dust Collector Machine

How do I select the proper dust collector?

Identifying the best dust collector for your application is a very important decision for your facility.

Considering factors such as the type of air contaminant (dust, mist, and fume), location of the dust collector (inside/outside), OSHA and NFPA regulations, dust capture method, duct size and engineering can all be difficult to decide. Pollution Control Systems has extensive background in engineering the best system for your application. With unconditional guarantees on all designed systems you can rest assure a Pollution Control Systems will determine exactly what you need.

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Every Space, Every Purpose.

Whatever your industry, whatever your need, we carry a wide array of solutions to get your business running smoothly. Speak with one of our dust collector specialists so we can arrange the best fit for you.


Select Your Industry

We carry a wide range of dust collectors that is tailored for your specific need. Choose your industry from
the categories below and we'll assist you in finding the perfect solution.

Metal Working

All metalworking applications such as grinding, buffing, sanding, deburring, polishing and cutting need a quality dust collection system to keep the work environment clean and the employees safe.

Wet Machining

Mist collection on wet machining is important for cleanliness, saftely and a multitude of other reasons.

Wood Working

Dust generated from woodworking applications is a broad category due to many sizes, shapes and various materials.


Welding frequently produces harmful smoke and fume. This smoke and fume contains various types of oxides and is extremely harmful to employees that are exposed to this fume in a direct breathing zone.


Foundries create the opportunity for unique applications.

Food Processing

Food processing industries provide the opportunity to work with a broad range of dusts.


Donaldson Torit remains the leader with dust collection equipment in the grain industry.

Laser/Plasma Cutting

Plasma and laser cutting are almost a standard in most manufacturing processes.


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