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Donaldson Torit remains the leader with dust collection equipment in the grain industry.

Many considerations are taken from Pollution Control Systems when designing a collection system in the grain/agriculture industry. Equipment such as variable frequency drives (VFD), air locks, screw conveyers, explosion protection equipment and pleated bags are all typical adders to the actual dust collector. Determining all aspects of the customers need will assist in designing a system that promotes proper suction, long filter life and limited maintenance.

Applications in the Grain/Agriculture Industry.

  • Dump pits​
  • Break milling​
  • Sifters / Sorters / Classifiers​
  • Elevator legs​
  • Bin / Silo loading​
  • Roller milling​
  • Conveyors
  • Packaging​​
  • Barge / Rail car / Truck loading​
  • Garner scales​
  • Drying​
  • Mixing bin venting​
  • Grain cleaners
  • Hammer milling

Get the Most Reliable Dust Collection Equipment for Grains & Agricultural Dust

Depending on your application’s specific needs, we can provide you with top-quality dust collectors for agricultural facilities. We’ll help you select the right combination of machinery to install where you need it, with experienced staff who can assist with installation and customization. We have everything you need to help ensure you benefit from using our equipment for many years, with minimal risk of breakdowns. You’ll be able to keep equipment and employees safer with one or more of our dust collectors or other machines we offer.

To get started on the selection and installation of dust collectors, contact us today and we’ll work with you to develop the perfect solution. There’s practically no limit to the type of dust collection system you can install in your agricultural facility, with a wide range of options from leading manufacturer Donaldson Torit.

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