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Industrial Air Filtration Systems for Custom Applications

Certain applications require custom configurations of air pollution control systems to remove toxic byproducts.

With over 25 years of experience providing industrial air filtration systems, there aren't many applications that our team hasn’t seen or been asked to design. Whether your application requires custom equipment design, special filter needs, unique equipment color matching, one of a kind ducting/hood capture requirements, specialty explosive dust handling, OEM labeled equipment, or any other special considerations, Pollution Control Systems can provide it. Pollution Control Systems is committed to customer satisfaction and quality solutions, with a reputation for problem-solving capabilities. Our team is ready to meet any industrial filtration needs you may have.


Get a Free Evaluation of Your Facility for Air Pollution Control Systems

If you need dust, fume, mist, or other types of equipment installed in your facility, we can provide a free evaluation to get you started. Our experts can visit your facility to assess the levels of pollutants your application produces, placement of equipment, and determine the type of machinery we offer that can give you the best results. We provide a wide range of equipment depending on the type of application and the harmful byproducts it produces.

Industrial Dust Collectors for Custom Applications

Certain applications such as woodworking and metalworking can produce dangerous levels of dust that can present an employee health hazard or damage equipment over time as it builds up. In certain cases, flammable dust presents a risk of explosion if exposed to fire, which can cause significant injury to employees and damage nearby equipment. Donaldson Torit dust collectors in our inventory can effectively remove various types of industrial dust from facilities, keeping employees safe and equipment in better condition.

Fume Collecting Equipment

In some applications, including laser and plasma cutting facilities, dangerous fumes and gases may compromise employee health and put equipment at risk in the event of a fire that ignites them. Fume collectors should efficiently remove fumes and gases at the source, preventing them from spreading throughout the facility during operation hours. We can install a complete industrial air filtration systemwith fume collectors that give your facility what it needs to improve airflow.

Mist Collectors

Some industrial facilities produce coolant and machining oil mist that can cause slippery floors and buildup on machinery, ceilings, and walls, culminating in a workspace that requires high maintenance. Our selection of mist collectors and filters can evacuate industrial mist and improve the facility's atmosphere with minimal maintenance and filter replacement costs.

Install a Complete Air Pollution Control System for Custom Applications

Some facilities may produce a combination of pollutants, including dust, mist, and fumes. We can help make sure that your facility has sufficient air quality control with one or more Donaldson Torit machines. We carry models intended for many different applications based on facilities' space requirements and the specific type of operations that take place within them. Our staff can help you design a custom system of Donaldson Torit equipment that meets OSHA safety standards and helps maximize the longevity of other equipment.

In addition to collecting machinery, we also offer ancillary products such as industrial blowers and fire protection equipment, along with individual filters and parts when replacements are required. We have what you need to keep your facility in prime condition.

Next Steps

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