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Wet Machining

Wet machining processes often produce harmful types of mist in the workspace.

Horizontal grinding, cold forming, surface grinding and milling are some of the wet machining applications that could require effective mist collection systems. To avoid equipment damage and employee health issues that can develop, consider installing Donaldson Torit mist collectors. This equipment can help you meet all industry safety and handling regulations.

Mist collection on wet machining is important for a few reasons. First, mist collectors assist in the cleanliness of the facility and increasing employee safety. Coolants, oils and lubricants used in wet machining are known for causing an incredibly dirty work environment. Residual coolants and oils left from high speed machines get into the air, leaving the facility looking like a ‘cloud’. This gets into HVAC equipment, machining components, and creates a coating on walls and floors. Most importantly, employees are left to breathe this mist during work hours.

OSHA and other agencies have found that any mist from coolants, oils and lubricants cause adverse health effects, necessitating its removal from facilities. These hazards can also damage equipment over time as well. Lowered maintenance costs and improved part quality are the primary results of installing properly designed Donaldson Torit mist collection systems, which Pollution Control Systems can install in your facility.


Hazards of Wet Machining

Apart from coating certain types of equipment and causing damage over time, oils, coolants, and other industrial mists can cause serious health problems for staff in your facility. Many chemicals released during the wet machining process are carcinogenic, causing cancer in extreme cases. For instance, oil mist is known to cause mild health problems such as eye irritation, shortness of breath, photosensitive allergic dermatitis, and contact dermatitis, along with more severe diseases such as rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, fibrosis, asthma, lung cancer, and malignant tumors. Employees who experience these health issues may be entitled to compensation if your facility doesn't properly prevent dangerous exposure to oil mist and other types of wet machining chemicals.

The key to protecting staff from the dangers of wet machining is to have an industry expert evaluate your facility and determine the best solution for mist collection. With the right mist filtration collection system integrated in your wet machining processes, your facility can benefit from maximized longevity, productivity, and improved overall employee welfare. Employees will no longer have to be concerned about the safety of operations when top-of-the-line equipment is in proximity to meet safety standards.

Applications for Mist Collection Systems

There are multiple applications that can utilize mist collection systems, including turning centers, cold forming, horizontal grinders, lathes, surface grinding, CNC, centerless grinding, and milling, among many others. Each of these applications can present different types of hazards that are removable using effective mist collecting equipment.

The experienced experts at Pollution Control Systems can provide an on-site inspection of your facility to determine which combination of equipment can provide sufficient mist collection in your facility. We'll take into account which types of equipment and processes generate potentially harmful mist, and help design the right configuration of Donaldson Torit machinery, including WSO mist collectors, MDV mist collectors, and DryFlo machines. All of our equipment is designed to provide efficient mist collection for many years, helping you save money and increase productivity.

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