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Welding processes are often hazardous and require smoke and fume removal.

The automotive industry and many others involve welding processes that require welding fume and dust extraction systems. Certain types of toxic smoke and other byproducts can put facilities and employees at rick, which is why these facilities should install Donaldson Torit dust extractors.

Welding frequently produces harmful smoke and fume. This smoke and fume contains various types of oxides and is extremely harmful to employees that are exposed to it in a direct breathing zone. Whether your welding application is large or small, Pollution Control Systems can provide a small portable source collection system or a large custom designed system. OSHA is continuously updating codes for welding air contaminants; now is the time to re-evaluate your fume collection systems.

Our staff can help determine if your facility meets current industry safety standards, or requires additional welding fume and smoke removal equipment. The Donaldson Torit welding fume extraction equipment in our inventory is designed to meet OSHA standards for employee safety.


Dangers of Welding Chemicals

Hexavalent chromium is a common chemical compound that is generated from any source of ‘hot work’ on stainless steel. Inhaled hexavalent chromium is widely recognized as a human carcinogen that is extremely harmful to employee’s lungs if overly exposed. Some of the negative health effects associated with exposure to hexavalent chromium include occupational asthma, eye damage, respiratory irritation, and perforated eardrums. More severe internal effects may include kidney damage, liver damage, respiratory cancer, and pulmonary congestion. The health risks of exposure to this chemical can not only harm your staff, but they can also lead to lawsuits that may contribute to the decommissioning of your facility.

Depending on the type of metal undergoing welding, different types of fumes and smoke will be produced and released in the workspace. Certain coatings can also have a toxic effect, including metal working fluids, oils, rust inhibitors, paints, solvents, plastics, cadmium plating, and more. Each of these chemicals can cause serious harm to employees or damage equipment over time, which is why it's important to remove them from your facility as much as possible. With the right smoke and weld fume collection equipment installed in your facility, you’ll be able to provide sufficient protection for employees at all times, significantly reducing the possibility of health issues.

Protect Employees with Effective Welding Fume and Dust Extractors

If you are currently welding any stainless steel, contact Pollution Control Systems today and a sales expert will select a properly sized system to keep your employees safe. Removing potentially harmful welding fumes and smoke can help your facility meet safety standards and even protect your equipment from potential wear or other types of damage that welding byproducts can cause. We can install a complete fume and smoke extraction system with state-of-the-art machinery that effectively removes this risk from your facility.

You’ll see a clear difference in your facility with one or more welding fume and smoke extractors installed. These machines can help ensure the work environment is sufficiently protected against potential hazards, resulting in a safer and more productive workspace. Employees will also be comfortable in knowing that they’re working in a safer space, with reduced air pollution. As a result, you may also experience more productivity overall.

Get Reliable Smoke & Weld Fume Collectors Today

Some of the equipment that we can install in your facility includes a series of Donaldson Torit DFO cartridge collectors, DFE cartridge collectors, and TD dust collectors. This equipment is constructed to provide for years of service in your facility, ensuring that the welding process remains a low risk of dangerous exposure to hexavalent chromium and other chemicals. Ultimately, installing a complete welding fume and smoke extraction system can help maintain a healthy workforce that trusts your facility to keep them safe.

You can also combine smoke and weld fume collectors with our other machinery depending on the application, culminating in an overall cleaner and more efficient environment. You can learn more about our weld fume and smoke collection equipment and receive a quote for any of our machinery when you contact us today. 

Next Steps

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