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Powder Coating Dust Collectors

Powder coating applications often require the use of dust collection equipment to reduce hazardous chemical production.

Powder coating is an important part of many manufacturing processes. Although it's a necessary process in certain applications, the airborne particulate left from the powder coating process is often great in volume and creates a need for an efficient dust collection system to limit any hazardous work environments. Proper remediation for these harmful dusts requires an effectively designed system. Selecting the correct application-specific filter media is crucial in maintaining dust collection efficiency and filter life.

Dust produced in powder coating processes can put employees at risk of respiratory, skin or eye problems, depending on the chemicals. Some powder dusts can also cause long-term damage to employee health, which is why you should install the right equipment that can reduce these hazards. An effective combination of powder coating dust collection equipment can give your facility what it needs to meet OSHA requirements and ensure employee safety.

We carry a variety of reliable Donaldson Torit dust collectors that can remove powder byproducts and meet safety standards while reducing maintenance costs.

Downflow Workstations for Powder Coating Dust Collection

Donaldson ToritDownflo Workstations (DWS) are useful for the removal of dust in powder coating environments. When combined with a booth package, they are known to offer consistent capture velocity throughout facilities. DWS dust collectors are designed to eliminate dust hazards in locations where higher levels of filtration are necessary.

DFO Cartridge Dust Collectors

Downflo Oval (DFO) dust collectors are among the most reliable in the industry, with units available in multiple sizes and with varying features depending on the application. Some of the features included with this model are ExtraLife filter cleaning technology, proprietary Ultra Web filtration, innovative cabinet design, with a unique oval filter design that maximizes filter lifespan and efficiency.

DFE Cartridge Powder Coating Dust Collectors

Downflo Evolution (DFE) cartridge collectors are among the most efficient options available for powder coating applications. They require 40 percent fewer filters than other cartridge collectors, while also allowing for 27 percent more cleaning energy, with an innovative inlet air management system and Ultra Web Merv 15 triangular filters. Their design also helps maximize available floor space.

Ultimately, using one or more DFO or DFE powder coating dust collectors can give your production lines what they need to effectively and efficiently remove dust from nearly any environment. Their state-of-the-art design can add plenty of longevity to existing equipment while also helping to keep staff safe from potentially hazardous industrial dust. You’ll be able to see a clear difference in performance with these machines installed in your facilities.

Design a Complete System of Powder Coating Dust Collectors

Depending on the size of your facility and the level of hazardous dust your operations produce, Pollution Control Systems can design and install a system of dust collectors to reduce this risk and maintain employee health. Our powder coating dust collectors require minimal maintenance, with lower initial purchase prices than other models. We have the top-of-the-line equipment to give your facility the results you want from powder coating dust collection systems, with all of the benefits you won’t find with inferior machinery.

Along with powder coating applications, we offer air filtration machinery for many others such as welding, wet machining, woodworking, metalworking, food processing, abrasive blasting, foundries, and more. We can also help you select equipment for use in custom applications, with many different sizes and options available. We can help you determine which features and machines will give you the best results.

To get started on the selection and implementation of powder coating dust collectors in your facility, contact Pollution Control Systems online and we'll schedule a free evaluation. Using one or more of our dust collector units in your facility can greatly improve your operations, helping make sure you have a consistently safe and clean workspace for many years.

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