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Abrasive Blasting

In all blasting operations the need for dust collection is great.

Connecting a properly sized Donaldson Torit collector on your blasting application can assist in efficiency, keep your facility clean and create a cleaner environment for your employees.

Things to Consider

Is my dust explosive?

Determining dust loading is crucial in selecting a properly sized dust collector. The quantity of filters in the dust collector is important for efficiency standards, filter life, maintenance needed, and foot print of dust collector.

What blast media in my operation?

The majority of all dust collected in a blasting operation is going to be dust from the media used. Determining all characteristics of the media is important to design of the dust collector and if we need to take additional steps to limit fires, explosions or corrosion.

How are we going to collect the dust?

The direct duct connections to your blast equipment or hood designs mounted over the equipment will determine how efficient the dust collection process is. Considering factors of duct abrasion, inlet type for your dust collector, duct sizes, and dust loading will all impact the engineering process.


Next Steps

We know blasting operations vary, as do facility requirements. To select the proper dust collection system for your blasting operation, please call us at 847-394-8366 or click the button on the right to set up your free evaluation.