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Laser and Plasma Cutting Dust Collectors

Plasma and laser cutting can produce hazardous byproducts inmanufacturing processes, which dust collection equipment can help remove.

Whether you are using a plasmawith a conductive gas and a torch head or a high-power laser to cut that material, both processes produce highly toxic fumes and gases. The need for an efficient dust collector in these applications is very high. Employers must place emphasis on employee health due to high levels of exposure to these harmful air pollutants. Source capture is the most effective way to collect these harmful pollutants. Custom hood enclosures or capture hoods work well and must be designed properly to ensure efficiency.

Pollution Control Systems only carries reliable Donaldson Torit fume collectors to help efficiently eliminate dangerous levels of fumes and gases in laser and plasma cutting applications. Our selection of equipment can improve air quality in your facility while requiring minimal maintenance. You can benefit from a system of machinery that serves your facility for many years with consistent results. Here are some of the machines we offer for dust collection in laser and plasma cutting applications.



TD Dust Collectors 

These standard Donaldson Torit high-pressure dust collectors use a pulse-jet design that allows for continuous-duty operation, with on-line filter cleaning. These machines can keep areas free of harmful dust along with fumes and gases that accumulate.

DFO Cartridge Collectors

The Donaldson Torit Downflo Oval (DFO) dust collectors can also help eliminate fumes and gases in plasma and laser cutting applications. They are available in different sizes depending on the sizes of the affected areas and the general facilities. This equipment uses Ultra Web filtration and ExtraLife filter cleaning technology along with a reliable cabinet design to efficiently collect harmful pollutants.

DFE Cartridge Collectors

The Downflo Evolution cartridge collector is another effective dust collector like the DFO model, but this collector uses 40 percentfewer filters than most cartridge collectors. Because of this decreased footprint, property managers can purchase these at lower prices and spend less on filter replacements. The unit is designed to help maximize available floor space, leaving plenty of room for additional machinery. The unit's design also features a Max Pulse cleaning system that uses 27 percent more cleaning energy, an Ultra Web Merv 15 triangular filter, and an innovative inlet air management system. Like other Donaldson Torit equipment, it's easy to maintain and offers optimal performance with lower maintenance expenses.

Combining Donaldson Torit Dust Collectors for Plasma and Laser Cutting Applications

To keep employees safe and maintain consistent airflow in your facility, consider installing a system of Donaldson Torit dust collectors in laser and plasma cutting facilities. Our pollution control experts can help you determine which equipment will work best in your facility and design a system that gives you consistent results. All of the equipment we offer can improve cutting environments, serving as an integral part of your operations and keeping employees safer.

To receive more information about Donaldson Torit dust collectors for plasma and laser cutting facilities or other types of applications, contact Pollution Control Systems. We offer a free evaluation of your facility to determine how our selection of equipment can improve your facility.

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