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Wood Working

Woodworking processes often expose equipment and employees to dangerous levels of combustible dust.

Many woodworking applications produce high levels of combustible wood dust that can damage machinery and present a health hazard for employees. The key to eliminating this dust and reducing the risk of potentially injurious explosions, health issues and equipment damage, consider installing a Donaldson Torit dust collection system.

Woodworking Dust Collection

Dust generated from woodworking applications is a broad category due to many sizes, shapes and various materials. Pollution Control Systems has extensive experience designing dust collectors for industries such as school wood shops, furniture, milling, large lumber operations, and custom manufacturing facilities.

Most end users request dust collection for woodworking due to the nuisance dust that is generated from all wood applications. Wood dust is also very explosive, and NFPA provides guidance and codes to follow on all woodworking projects. Due to the diverse projects and dust collectors available for the woodworking field, it is important to look at all aspects of your application and speak to a knowledgeable sales associate from PCS.


Dangers of Wood Dust 

Like other types of dust produced during certain industrial processes, wood dust is potentially hazardous to both employees and equipment. Inhaling wood dust can cause serious health issues if workers are exposed to it for long periods of time, most notably asthma and other respiratory problems. Hardwood dust is also linked with cancer of the nose as well. It’s important to make sure that employees aren’t exposed to these potential health hazards, and our wood dust collectors are designed to effectively eliminate them.

Apart from potentially harming workers, wood dust can also cause damage to equipment over time, coating mechanical parts with dust that can cause jams and other issues. In the event of combustible dust buildup, even weak explosions can cause severe damage to equipment or serious injury to nearby employees. If an explosion is powerful enough, it can even result in death. Harm to employees can also result in costly lawsuits that may put your entire facility at risk of decommission. Thankfully, Pollution Control Systems can provide effective solutions to avoid wood dust accumulation and keep your facility cleaner. Using one or more of our innovative woodworking dust collection machines in your facility, you’ll be able to keep employees and equipment safe from potential harm.

The key to avoiding the hazards of wood dust is to implement a complete dust collection system that removes dust throughout woodworking processes. With the right combination of equipment installed in your facility, you can benefit from increased overall efficiency, productivity, and equipment longevity. With a decreased risk of equipment breakdowns and potential employee injury, you'll also benefit from increased profitability. Depending on the size of your facility and the specific application, we can help you choose the right combination of wood dust collectors to install. We can meet all size specifications and customize each piece of equipment to meet your needs. Regardless of the needs of your application, we’ll help you select the perfect wood dust collection systems to increase productivity and efficiency.


What is the best wood dust collection equipment?

Traditionally, cyclones and baghouses have been great options for solving a wide range of problematic wood dust. Pollution Control Systems will advise if other technology such as Powercore or Cartridge filtration best suites your individual needs. To determine which equipment would be most effective in your facility, we can perform an on-site evaluation to analyze the type of dust your processes produce and its combustibility, as well as the amount of dust present. Different applications will require different types of equipment.

To help ensure that you receive top-quality equipment, we have a selection of Donaldson Torit equipment, which is known for its reliability. Our list of available machines includes RF baghouses, modular baghouses, DFO cartridge collectors, dalamatics, downflow workstations, and cyclones. We'll help you understand exactly what your facility can utilize to effectively remove wood dust. We can also recommend other types of machinery we offer if your application could benefit from it, with plenty of options depending on your facility’s needs.

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